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You don’t have to wake up one day to find a tower only feet from your front door

Verizon promises the country and Fishers new exciting features and benefits with high-speed wireless 5G technology. Unfortunately, this also comes with an ugly side, unappealing aesthetic towers in our front yards. I don’t find many homeowners objecting to 5G. However, homeowners want Verizon and their contractors to preserve landscapes. Social responsibility must play into what Verizon is imposing on citizens.

Fishers’ homeowners have a challenge because our Federally elected leaders and bureaucrats in Washington have decided they know what’s best for Fishers and your home. The Federal Communications Commission has ruled that state and local governments cannot “materially prohibit” carriers from offering 5G service.

Indiana State Representatives passed a law in 2017 where Verizon can place a tower in your yard despite Fisher’s zoning designated strictly for underground or buried utilities. Our Board of works then passed a resolution allowing Fishers a seat at the table when permitting these towers. It is my ideology that if a neighbor does not want Verizon, it should not be forced upon the neighborhood. 5G is NOT a need, it is a want.

"I'm not supporting any unwanted unsightly tower in front of a family home." David Giffel

You must act if you do object to a tower.

- Be prepared by knowing the planned locations. MAP

- Talk to neighbors NOW about proposed tower locations. A homeowner may not object to a tower and accept an alternative location. Please communicate and be ready to propose an agreed alternative.

- Fishers will notify the neighborhood association and notify homes within 200 feet of the towers 30 days before the permit hearing.

- Fishers will facilitate a meeting between Verizon and the homeowners to discuss possible alternatives. If you don’t participate, you could wake up with a tower in your front yard.

- Attend the Public Works meeting for the final decision.

Mayor Fadness is pushing back on many homes but YOU must also act and communication is key.


Prepare For Meeting - Color, lights, and moving a location

Color and lights choices will likely be approved. There are also different light styles.

Suggesting A Different Location - Request a Waiver to Proposed Location - Map of Locations (MAP)

The Signal is Directional, not Circular - Verizon is going to use 5G beamforming technology. A disadvantage of this technology involves having multiple antennas in close proximity.

Moving Distances Over 50 feet will Likely NOT be approved. Up to 75 feet might be possible. "Midblock" (interior Streets) locations are the worst example of what Verizon wants.

Street Corners are likely to be approved - Not ideal, but located on the garage side and the corner now has street lights.

Place on Existing light poles - likely going to be approved. Please review neighborhood common areas. This tower was approved.

Verizon will pay for the electricity and maintain the structure. This is also in a common area.

Line of Sight Considerations - Consider picking a line of sight NOT in front of a home. Verizon wants to stay away from water.

Taller Towers Might Solve a Conflict if acceptable.

Other considerations and Comments - Utilities in interfering with the Tower. i.e. Underground gas, electric water, and sewer. - Wooded Areas. The signal does not travel through obstructions very well. - An already approved permit has been rescinded, but Verizon will only accept if no objection to the new relocation. 5G is Fast - 5G will require most people to buy new phones. Yuck. - It's fast if you are in the right spot; outdoors, not too hot out, and about the same on your cell phone as my main computer using Fiber MetroNet. - WSJ reports 5G service results in major cities. (T-MOBILE 300-400 Mbps; AT&T and Verizon 900 to 1400 Mbps) Verizon is using MMwave which is faster than T-Mobile's Mid-band. - The Verizon technology does not penetrate walls, concrete, or other obstacles. - Heat will turn off the 5G.

WSJ - By Joanna Stern Updated July 18, 2019 -We Tested 5G Across America. It’s Crazy Fast—and a Hot Mess

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