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Trash Talk'n - Fishers is Investigating

Last year, Ray's Trash service was sold to Waste Management after years of servicing the Fishers market. Rays Trash dominated the market by providing the most competitive price and service.

Ray's Trash Service:

- Lower prices versus Republic

- Grandfathered rates

- Yard waste Pickup, such as leaves - Very loose restrictions about extra bags - Human Customer Service, less automation - Ownership of your bin Trash service is not typically considered a utility in the same way that services like water, electricity, and natural gas are categorized. Fishers Trash service is currently via the free markets, with many HOAs leveraging the number of homes to negotiate a lower price. At the September Council meeting, I requested Mayor Fadness investigate using the city's leverage to contract trash service. I am not suggesting a government takeover of any private business. To See the Conversation, visit the Link.


About the Trash Business "Waste disposal includes the processes and actions required to manage waste from its inception to its final disposal. This includes the collection, transport, treatment, and disposal of waste, together with monitoring and regulation of the waste management process and waste-related laws, technologies, and economic mechanisms." Ray's Trash was a collection and transport Company.


Should Fishers form a public-private trash pickup Service? Carmel created a public-private partnership several years ago and contracts with Republic. Carmel's homeowners pay about $40 per quarter. Many Fishers households are using Waste Management and are paying over $100 per quarter. Using the number of homes can create competition to lower our bills.

Source: Carmel Utility Page and Contract


Newsletter Survey Results Q: Ray's Trash was sold to Waste Management last year, and I have had many people reach out to me with complaints. I would like to get your opinion about the City forming a Private-Public contract for Trash service.


What is the difference between a Service Contract and The Fishers starting a new trash collection utility? A contract will leverage the large number of households in Fishers to negotiate a contract for services. A utility is when the city creates a new department to buy trucks and employ people. The city is not going to start a new utility.


Trash Pickup Market Share A prominent neighborhood association president indicated that Ray's good service captured about 75% of the total market share in Fishers. This leaves Republic with 25%.


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