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Smartasset Names Fishers Safe and Affordable

Smartasset names Fishers, Indiana, one of the safest and most affordable American suburbs.

What makes cities Dangerous? 1) COMMUNITY FACTOR: POVERTY. Poverty has been around for centuries. The redistribution of wealth will never be the solution. Poverty can be fixed with a more capitalist-leaning policy. Anyone with good values and a personal responsibility attitude can, in a short time, afford to live in Fishers. 2) COMMUNITY FACTOR: EDUCATION & UNEMPLOYMENT. The safest cities have at least a 91 percent rate of high school graduates, and we must keep HSE strong. The City of Fishers is attracting good, economically sustainable companies to locate here, such as the life science industry. 3) POLICE PRESENCE & INVESTMENT. We in Fishers are not going to wait for the police or fire protection to arrive. The leadership in Fishers is on top of new technology, and we fund our protection services. Some policymakers' ideology (YOU know who) push to defund the police and want weak prosecutors. 4) CLIMATE I'm not sure how this plays a role in someone's behavior, but social Sciences say that warmer weather leads to increased crime rate correlate. It's a good thing we have four seasons.

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