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March 2022 Newsletter & Council Agenda


Road resurfacing update - The bid process closed on 3/10/2022. I don't have details on the actual work. ASPHALT ROAD RESURFACING & MISCELLANEOUS PAVING WORK

Eller Road, Eller Run, Eller Trails, Eller Commons, Waterford Gardens, Charleston Crossing, Sunblest, Fishers Pointe, Lantern Overlook, Delaware Pointe, Overlook at Beaver Ridge.

Property North Of Delaware Crossing and West of Walnut Creek - I also noticed the surveying company and drilling trucks at this property. I don't know what is planned. Many of these projects are confidential until announced. However, I want to note that there is a new collector road to Delaware Parkway. (South East of Forum Credit Union) and is zoned as an Employment Node.

Fountain Square-based garden center adding Fishers location - Snakeroot Botanicals, which opened last year in Fountain Square, plans a new location this spring in a building that once served as the Fishers Town Hall. Snakeroot Botanicals sells plants, seeds, garden supplies, planters, books, bulk herbs, apparel, teas, tea accessories, and aromatherapy products. The location will be at 8597 E. 116th Street.

Are you into history? Conner Prairie has an exhibit to focus on hundreds of years of Black history.

SOLAR (Neighborhood Associations) New law protects Hoosier property rights, making it harder for HOAs to say no to solar. Indy Star March 11, 2022 - "The law creates a system for homeowners to petition their HOA boards to install solar panels. As long as they meet certain requirements, they can’t be denied. The homeowner must gather enough signatures: The lesser of 65% of residents or what is required in the bylaws."

Information from the City on a variety of topics. Link

Fishers City Council Meeting Agenda MINUTES:

THE PUBLIC MAY STREAM THE MEETING BY GOING TO: MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC MAY SUBMIT COMMENTS BEFORE 12 pm ON MONDAY, March 21, 2022 BY GOING TO: BOARD/COMMISSION: City Council Meeting DATE: 3/21/2022 DIRECTIONS: Fishers City Hall WORK SESSION, 6:30 pm, City Hall Auditorium · 136th & Cyntheanne Neighborhood Meeting REGULAR CITY COUNCIL MEETING, 7:00 pm, City Hall Auditorium 1. Meeting Called to Order with the Pledge of Allegiance 2. Announcements: a. March Disability Awareness Month 3. Proclamations: 4. Presentations: a. Service Awards - 20 Years: Tracy Marsh and Tom Weger 5. Finance Committee Report: a. Report 6. Department Reports a. Health Department - Report 7. Consent Agenda: a. Request to approve the previous meeting minutes Regular Minutes from February 21, 2022. b.R032122 - A Resolution of the Common Council Authorizing the City Controller to Transfer Certain Funds: Council Action Form I Exhibit A I Resolution REGULAR AGENDA


8. R032122A - A Resolution of the Common Council of the City Of Fishers, Indiana approving certain matters in connection with an amendment to the declaratory resolution for the Consolidated Fishers/I-69 Economic Development Area, the creation of a new allocation area, and the approval of a Plan Amendment for said area (The Highline Project): Council Action Form I Exhibit A I Resolution

I voted no for this project because many nearby homeowners didn't believe a mix-use apartment/retail was appropriate for the parcel. Plus, the incentive in a TIF district was $10 million with little value to existing households in the area, such as a roundabout (Now not unknown future), dog park, or meaningful road improvement. It might create some excess funds for other projects. Finally, I think this area was best suited as an employment node. My fellow council members believed we need more residences for potential employers, and this project could be walkable.

Facts about this area for future consideration: The employee population within 5 miles of this location is 108,861. This parcel scores pretty well on walkability as Walmart, Richey Woods, and several businesses are within a 1-mile radius. It does not reach to Market at Fishers (The Yard.) However, it does have a high bikeable value. I accept the thing I cannot change and do hope the project has much success.

9. 022122 - Ordinance Authorizing the Issuance of the City of Fishers, Indiana Taxable Economic Development Revenue Bonds, Series 2022B (The Highline Project), and the Lending of the Proceeds Thereof and Authorizing and Approving other Actions in Respect Thereto - 2nd Reading: Council Action Form I Exhibit A – EDC Report I Exhibit B - Loan I Exhibit C - Trust I Ordinance

Same as above.


10. 032122 - An Amendment to the City of Fishers Salary Ordinance - 1st Reading: Council Action Form I Exhibit A I Ordinance

I believe Mayor Fadness' budget decision is appropriate. However, these decisions are made well before the recent inflation explosion. I'm a strong believer in taking care of your employees.

Planning & Zoning

11. 022122B - Consideration of a vacation of 15' of a 30' drainage utility and public sanitary sewer easement within the Highline at Delaware Park located south of 106th Street, east of Kincaid Drive, and west of Lantern Road, case #VAC-21-3 - Final Reading: Council Action Form I Ordinance

Sames as above Highline project.

12. 101121E - Consideration of a rezone of 24 acres from PUD-C to PUD-R for 292 multifamily units. Property is generally located on the southeast corner of E 136th St and Cyntheanne Rd. Project is known as the Bel Canto PUD, case #RZ-21-7 - Final Reading: Council Action Form I Staff Report I Petitioner's Packet

My following comments are for both agenda Items 12 and 14. I reached out via social media about this land use, and Fishers conducted an online public forum to discuss the area. A working session will be held before our council meeting if you attend the meeting. The participants didn't want this large apartment, and the planning commission rejected this proposal. So I will vote no on this apartment as I listen to you.

The property north of 136th seems best suited for light commercial to me. The 2040 plan was recently changed from an employment node to a residential, although always zoned R2. R2 properties are generally larger homes +1,600 sq ft on larger lots 20,000 sq ft. The first reading for agenda item 14 is for condos and small housing.

So far, the social media feedback I'm receiving is that people want a grocery store in that area. The concerns for this area are: 136th Street is not yet improved, Olio roundabout is congested, and developments like proposed create overcrowded schools.

The 2040 plan includes an I-69 at Cynthianne Road interchange. This improvement would take several years of planning and construction. Several citizens have asked that we start this now. The interchange would involve Federal, State, County, Fishers, and Noblesville to all agree. Some experts say no commercial will want to develop the parcel without this intersection.

13. 032122A - Request to approve a voluntary annexation of four (4) lots known as the Abbott Commons Subdivision generally located north of E 136th Street, with the common addresses of 15106 E 136th Street and 0 E 136th Street, parcel ID 13-12-19-00-00-046.000, 13-12-19-00-00-044.001, 13-12-19-00-00-042.000, & 13-12-19-00-00-043.000, consisting of 79.43 Acres. Case ANX-22-1 - 1st Reading, Public Hearing: Council Action Form I Ordinance Annexation is always good for Fishers when voluntary. This will bring in more tax dollars. 14. 032122B - Consideration of a rezone of 98.14 acres from R2 to PUDR for a new residential subdivision to be called Abbott Commons. Subject site is generally located Northeast of Prairie Baptist and 136th, with a common address of 15106 E 136th St. Case #RZ-22-1. - 1st Reading: Council Action Form I Petitioner's Packet See comments under agenda Item 12. REGULAR ITEMS 15. Any other Unfinished / New Business 16. Community Comment 17. Meeting Adjournment

Ongoing Issues and Concerns

Nickel Plate Trail A few neighbors back up to the Nickle Plate Trail and have privacy concerns. In the coming weeks. Fishers Council approved a change in the PUD to allow more latitude for privacy for these parcels. We are also looking at connecting behind a couple of houses on Berkley Grove's land. 5G Tower Update Permits for the 5G towers have been delayed until January 11th to review some legal questions. I'm not supporting any unwanted and unsightly tower in front of a family home. If you don't attend the meeting, the Mayor and the public works department will decide for you. Please read my blog. Link Fisher Housing Study - Link Resources

Fishers Property Issue & Complaints - (Please let me know if you need assistance) Safety Net Assistance? Have you lost hope and are in dire financial need? Contact the Delaware Township and meet with a caseworker. Link Volunteer Opportunities: Fishers needs volunteers for planning, zoning Heart Hike at Ritchey Woods Hamilton Bicentennial Celebration

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