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Let's Talk About Fishers Health Department

Fishers Health Department

This (Link) will describe why Fishers started its health department. Occasionally, I will get the following questions, so I thought I would address them in this blog. What is the role of a Health Department? The primary role of the local health departments include retail food inspections, vital records, public health nursing, housing, vector control, and nuisance issues. Their authority to address these public health and safety issues frequently exceeds that of the State Department of Health. The local health department is also an excellent technical information and assistance source.

Does Hamilton County and Fishers duplicate services? No

Do we tax more for a Fishers Health Department than Hamilton County Health Department?

What is Fishers 2024 Budget Plan?

Note: Our plan may change depending on State review in January 2024. It won't be a very large difference.

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