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February 2022 Newsletter & Council Agenda

Announcement $98 million mixed-use project at the northwest corner of 96th Street and Allisonville Road: The Reporter article claims Fishers will replace the Michigan-Left. However, this is only a discussion today and will take some time, study, funding, and planning.

Metazoa Brewing plans Fishers location on Allisonville Road: Fishers Economic Development purchased the SW corner of 116th and Allisonville for $1.9 million last year. This was done to control the type of development built on the corner. A plan was announced to sell it to Metazoa for $800,000. This is a $1.1 million incentive (Ouch) I do love Metazoa and it's dog friendly. How much should we spend to attract quality development in the Allisonville 116th area?

Allisonville Road and East 146th Street: Planning is underway, and the new interchange is expected to be finished in 2023 Video Picture

NW corner of 106th and Hague Road property: The owner is clearing the property and going to remodel the home. Plus, property going west on 106th toward Allisonville is for sale. Be aware home builders like these infill lots.

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BOARD/COMMISSION: City Council Meeting

DATE: 2/21/2022

DIRECTIONS: Fishers City Hall

WORK SESSION, 6:15 p.m., City Hall Auditorium

1. 2021/22 Housing Taskforce & Study Presentation by Urban Partners

Click Here for Presentation


STRATEGY #1: Encourage the development of senior housing units.

STRATEGY #2: Encourage Development of Housing Types to Attract and Retain Young Adults.

STRATEGY #3: Maintain a High Rental Housing Stock.

STRATEGY #4: Consideration of Affordable Housing.

REGULAR CITY COUNCIL MEETING, 7:00 p.m., City Hall Auditorium

1. MeetingCalled to Order with the Pledge of Allegiance

2. Announcements:

3. Proclamations:

4. Presentations:

a. Service Awards –Mike Cranfill and Wanda Crouch(20 years)

5. Council Committee Reports

a. Finance CommitteeReport - REPORT

6. Department Reports

a. Health Department Report - REPORT

7. ConsentAgenda:

a. Request to approve the previous meeting minutes Executive Session from January 18, 2022 and Work Session/Regular Minutes from January 18, 2022.

b. R022122- A Resolution of the Common Council Authorizing the City Controller to Transfer Certain Funds: Council Action Form I Exhibit A I Resolution

Transfers happen way too often and I hope to understand more about why this happens so early in a budget year.


8. R022122B - A Resolution Approving Project Agreement by and among 96th Street Investors, LLC, the City of Fishers, the City of Fishers Economic Development Commission, and the City of Fishers Redevelopment Commission: Council Action Form I Agreement I Resolution

Fishers Press Release For this Development

This new $98 million mixed-use development will include 380 multi-family units, 66 townhomes for sale, and 35,000 square feet of new commercial retail space. In addition, the developer will ask for a $23 million bond to be sold as an incentive.

The land is already zoned for a larger apartment complex near many other apartments, not Fishers housing neighborhoods. I will vote YES to advance this project because CRG will donate 25 acres of buildable land for roads to the city-planned park on the White River and a possible change to the Michigan left at Allisonville and 96th Streed. CRG will also assist with improving an ancient cemetery for Delaware Township to manage. There will be a future public hearing.

The development will be in a TIF district. A TIF is where the property taxes (Except the HSE referendum) collected by the development will be used to pay the bond. Fishers usually include legal language to protect taxpayers, whereby the bond purchasers hold the risk, not taxpayers. In a TIF district, the property taxes paid are not paid to other overlapping units like the Schools, County, Township, Library, or City. Instead, these property taxes go into a separate special fund paying for the bond.

Why does Fishers use the TIF tool? First, state law limits the taxes a unit can collect in a General Fund; thus, the TIF tool allows a city to collect additional taxes or incentives for new jobs or infrastructure. The bond (loan) money the developer receives will be used for infrastructures such as the sewers, drainage, utilities, and park roads generally paid by the developer. A developer will often not build projects like these in some cities without an incentive because surrounding communities will offer the TIF tool. "BUT FOR" a development like this proposal won't happen without this incentive.

The best use of TIF is when Fishers' residents receive amenities valuable to the whole community like this CRG development. I can compare this CRG development to the new TIF apartment across Lanter Road Elementary (Highline at Delaware Park). The Highline project provides the community with very little in return. Policymakers argued the Highline new apartments offer local housing for individuals that might walk to local businesses. For now, I'm unable to reconcile those arguments in my mind. My thoughts on the Highline project are that the project should have been organic. Instead, it took a commercial property that could be better utilized for local jobs. A TIF will last for 25 years. In addition, the targeted demographics for this type of resident would have the ability to pay for their own housing in personal responsibility.

The YARD (Mark at Fishers District) Apartments are trendy and fully rented. If the Highline project were organic, since providing no real added amenities to benefit Fishers, true market rentals should have prevailed with a consequence of generating lower tax rates.


9. R022122A - Resolution of the Common Council of the City of Fishers, Indiana Approving a Lease between the Fishers Town Hall Building Corporation, as Lessor, and the Fishers Redevelopment Commission, as Lessee, with respect to The Highline Project, and Addressing Matters Related There to: Council ActionForm I Resolution

No, as explained above compared to the 96th Street development. I did take a sample of surrounding households with only a small % saying they wanted the project.

10. 022122 - Ordinance Authorizing the Issuance of the City of Fishers, Indiana Taxable Economic Development Revenue Bonds, Series 2022B (The Highline Project), and the Lending of the Proceeds Thereof to the Borrower Thereof and Authorizing and Approving other Actions in Respect Thereto:- 1st Reading: Council Action Form I EDC Report I EDC Resolution I Exhibit A I Loan Agreement I Ordinance


Government/ Miscellaneous

11. 022122A - An OrdinanceAdding Chapter 36.62 of the City of Fishers Code of Ordinances Creating the Fishers Advisory Committee on Disabilities - 1st Reading: Council Action Form I Ordinance


Planning & Zoning

12. R022122C- Request to a resolution adopting the FiscalPlan for the Courtyards of Fishers PUD, Case #ANX-21-12:

Council Action Form I Fiscal Plan I Resolution

I only received feedback from a handful of local citizens who did NOT want this development. The argument was to preserve the area from urban sprawl. They didn't like a zero-lot-line type home and only wanted very large lots. These homes will be very high quality in the price range of $500,000, targeting the demographic of over 50 years old families. The Planning Commission voted to recommend this subdivision.

13. 011822A - Request to approve a voluntary annexation of one (1) lot known as the Courtyards of Fishers PUD Property generally located northwest of the intersection of Southeastern Parkway and 113th Street, parcel ID 13- 16-05-00-00-004.001, consisting of 22.1 acres. Case #ANX-21-12 - Final Reading: Council Action Form I Ordinance


14. R02122D -Request to approve a resolution adopting the Fiscal Plan for the Yin Property, Case #ANX-21-14:

Council Action Form I Fiscal Plan I Resolution

Yes, a homeowner wants to be annexed into the City.

15. 011822B - Request to approve a voluntary annexation of one (1) lot known as the Yin Property generally west of Southeastern Parkway, with a common address of 14985 Southeastern Parkway, parcel ID 13-12-30-00-00- 013- 001, consisting of 4.59 acres. Case #ANX-21-14 - Final Reading: Council ActionForm I Ordinance

Yes, a homeowner wants to be annexed into the City.

16. R022122E - Request to approve a resolution adopting the Fiscal Plan for the Wiler Property, Case #ANX-21-16:

Council ActionForm I Fiscal Plan I Resolution

Yes, a homeowner wants to be annexed into the City.

17. 011822C - Request to approve a voluntary annexation of one (1) lot known as the Wiler Property generally located north of 131st Street, with a common address of 8490 E 131st Street, parcel ID 14-10-25-02-01-009.000, consisting of 1.3 acres.Case #ANX-21-16 - Final Reading: Council Action Form I Ordinance

Yes, a homeowner wants to be annexed into the City.

18. 22021A - Consideration of a rezone from R-2 to PUD-R for 50 single-family homes. The property is located at the northwest corner of Southeastern Parkway and E 113th Street. Project is known as Courtyards of Fishers PUD, case #RZ-21-10- Final Reading: Council Action Form I Staff Report I Map I Petitioner's Packet I Ordinance

mentioned above.

19. 011822 - Consideration of a Text Amendment to various sections of the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) –

Final Reading: Council Action Form I Ordinance

This is to clean up certain words in our current laws. I cannot find anything meaningfully different. I'm relying on the Mayor this change.

20. 022122B - Consideration of a vacation of 15' of a 30' drainage utility and public sanitary sewer easement within the Highline at Delaware Park located south of 106th Street, east of Kincaid Drive, and west of Lantern Road, case#VAC-21-3 - Public Hearing and 1st Reading: Council ActionForm I Ordinance



21. Any other Unfinished / New Business

22. Community Comment

23. Meeting Adjournment

An overwhelmingly compelling argument at this meeting can change my vote.

Ongoing Issues and Concerns Nickel Plate Trail

A few neighbors back up to the Nickle Plate Trail and have privacy concerns. In the coming weeks. I plan on knocking on these neighbors' doors for feedback. Fishers Council approved a change in the PUD to allow more latitude for privacy for these parcels. We are also looking at connecting behind a couple of houses on Berkley Grove's land.

5G Tower Update

Permits for the 5G towers have been delayed until January 11th to review some legal questions. I'm not supporting any unwanted and unsightly tower in front of a family home.

Scheduled Resolutions for Board of Public Works and Safety, Feb. 24 at 9 a.m

  • Sunblest Farms

  • Sunblest

If you don't attend the meeting the Mayor and department of public works will decide for you.

The Future of Housing - Fisher Housing Study - Link



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