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December 2021 Newsletter & Council Agenda


5G Tower Update Permits for the 5G towers have been delayed until January 11 to review some legal questions. Sites that will be heard at the January 11TH Public Works meeting are currently listed below. Berkley Grove, Cottingham Estates, Conner Knoll, Fawnsbrook, Glenn Abbey Village, Oxford Park, Reserve at Lantern, & Weaver Woods North. I'm not supporting any unwanted and unsightly tower in front of a family home. Fishers Neighborhood Grant process is open for Fishers neighborhood vibrancy, arts & culture - Project examples include subdivision entrance beautification, tree plantings within common areas, native plant restoration, seating areas, walking trails, sidewalks, and more. To apply, click here

Fishers City Council Meeting Agenda

THE PUBLIC MAY STREAM THE MEETING BY GOING TO: MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC MAY SUBMIT COMMENTS BEFORE NOON ON MONDAY, December 20, 2021, BY GOING TO: BOARD/COMMISSION: City Council Meeting DATE: 12/20/2021 DIRECTIONS: Fishers City Hall WORK SESSION, 6:30 p.m., City Hall Auditorium Presentation from the Hamilton County Community Foundation REGULAR CITY COUNCIL MEETING, 7:00 p.m., City Hall Auditorium Meeting Called to Order with the Pledge of Allegiance Announcements: In Memory of Ray Saksons Presentations: Service Awards – Fishers Police Department Angela Ellison 25-Years Matthew Simmonds 25-Years Finance Committee Report: Department Report: Health Department Update: Report Consent Agenda: 7. Consent Agenda: a. Request to approve the previous meeting minutes: Minutes – Executive Session – 11-15-2021 I Minutes from the November 15, 2021, meeting. b. R122021- A Resolution of the Common Council Authorizing the City Controller to Transfer Certain Funds. Council Action Form I Exhibit A I Resolution REGULAR AGENDA Budget/Financial 111521A - An Ordinance of the City of Fishers Approving Short Term Loan Financing for the 2022 Fleet Loan - 2nd Reading: Council Action I Form I Ordinance R122021A- A Request to Approve Additional Appropriation of Stormwater Funds - Public Hearing: Council Action Form I Exhibit A I Exhibit B I Resolution Government/Miscellaneous R122021B - A Resolution Establishing Policy by which Members of the City Council May Participate by Electronic Means of communication. - 1st Reading: Council Action Form I Resolution 122021 - An Ordinance Adding Chapter 32.61 of the City of Fishers Code of Ordinances Creating an Armed Services Commission. - 1st Reading: Council Action Form I Ordinance I fully support this new commission to honor, recognize, and celebrate military service in our community. A shout out to El Ahlwardt, CDR US Navy Retired, and Elliott Hultgren, CDR US Navy, leading this effort. Planning & Zoning 111521E - An Ordinance Amending Chapter 156 of the City of Fishers Code of Ordinances regarding Road & Bridge Impact Fees - Final Reading: Council Action Form I Ordinance 122021A - Consideration of a rezone from R-2 to PUD-R for 50 single-family homes. The property is located at the northwest corner of Southeastern Parkway and E 113th Street. Project is known as Courtyards of Fishers PUD, case #RZ-21-10 - 1st Reading: Council Action Form I Petitioner’s Packet Single-family homes in a $500,000 price range targeting baby boomers are suitable for Fishers outside the PUD requirements. These homes will add to the community's assessed valuation helping to keep tax rates low. Community Comment Anyone is welcome to provide comments at this time at the council meetings. AGENDA LINK: News Around Fishers

12/18 -White River coalition gets $20M of $50M John Tuohy Indianapolis Star - "...Fishers might have to put off building a roundabout at the intersection of 96th Street and Allisonville Road as part of its nature park planning if it doesn’t get the full grant, said Megan Baumgarten, director economic and community development. “We’d have to modify our plan, which could include some park infrastructure,” Baumgarten said. But she said officials were pleased with the $20 million. “We knew it was competitive because the parameters definitely favored quality of life projects in rural and less developed areas,” Baumgarten said. “We are lucky and fortunate we have a community with growing wages and population.” 12/1 - Are you ready for driverless vehicles in Fishers? Beginning on 12/15, you might see these around the downtown. Link 11/30 - Design planning has started to build a new Fishers Arts & Municipal Complex and Fishers Recreation Center. The Recreation Center location is proposed at 116th and Hoosier Road across from Fresh Thyme Market. Link 11/17 - Board of Zoning Appeals denied a sizeable digital billboard sign off the 106th Street I-69 ramp because it did not meet our Fishers 2040 Vision, I-69 overlay standards, and for Safety Concerns and Aesthetics. Billboards are unsightly. 11/22 - I-69 and I-465 interchange construction to start in 2022! Major intersection change. Link 11/18 - Co-Working coming to Fishers to rent monthly. The Club at Crosspoint at the Old Marsh HQ building IBJ Link 11/17 - Marketing startup Mojo Up opens new headquarters in downtown Fishers – Hamilton County Reporter ( 11/16 - Fishers-based company Genezen adding high-wage jobs – The Times of Noblesville ( We approved a five (5) year personal property tax abatement. Personal Property tax is a tax on business equipment within the manufacturing facility. We are creating an agglomeration Life Science economy in Fishers that will take a few years for a great ROI. Ongoing Issues and Concerns

A few neighbors back up to the Nickle Plate Trail and have privacy concerns. In the coming weeks, plan on knocking on these neighbors' doors for feedback. At our last meeting, Fishers Council approved a change in the PUD to allow more latitude for privacy for these parcels. 5G Cell Tower/Fiber Deployment - The Federal Communications Commission has effectively ruled that state and local governments cannot “materially prohibit” carriers from offering 5G service. Fishers Board of Works and Public Safety is using its permitting powers to block unsightly 5G installations to move a tower to a more appropriate location. This is a video that can prepare you for deployment. VIDEO LINK


Do you want a COVID-19 vaccine? Link The active Fishers Capital Improvements are in the works! Link Have you lost hope and in dire financial need? Contact the Delaware Township and meet with a caseworker. Link Volunteer Opportunity: Hamilton Bicentennial Celebration

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