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Council Meeting November 15, 2021

David George, Fishers City Council Southwest District 5, submitted his resignation last month due to increasing responsibilities in his professional career and the increasing demands needed to serve the residents of his district.

For 19 years, David has served as a model public servant to the constituents of his district and for that, he has my deepest gratitude.

I want to thank the Precinct Committee persons for placing their trust in me to serve for the remainder of David’s term. The city council is a natural extension of my service in the Southwest District. I’m grateful to be able to continue to work on behalf of the citizens of our city. Articles about me: Indy Star Hamilton County Reporter City Page

The council meetings are scheduled for the third Monday of each month. We receive the agenda anywhere from Wednesday to Friday. I will do my best to summarize each item before the meeting on my webpage and by email. The following is my first summary.

The November Fishers City Council Meeting will be held on Monday, November 15 at 7 pm at City Hall. THE PUBLIC MAY STREAM THE MEETING BY GOING TO:



1-7. Department Updates - A few intro items, Nickel Plate Trail and Health Department.

8. Consent Agenda: These are business items that all the councilors agree to save time during the meeting. a. & b. - Transfers from one excess fund to another for several operational items.

9.& 10. R111521B and R111521 Economic Development will bring Fishers several high-paying jobs. Biotherapeutics Manufacturing Facility in Fishers

Genezen Laboratories, Inc. is investing in new equipment for the building and hiring new employees. In addition, Fishers has offered an abatement for a tax paid on the company equipment. A personal property tax abatement is needed to stay competitive with other states. I believe these incentives will be good for Fishers in the long term.

11 & 12. R101121 and R111521A - 2nd reading - This is Short term debt and appropriation for the repair, re-pavement, and improvement of roads and streets and the completion of trail and multi-use path connections and connectivity improvements in the City.

Cities and other taxing authorities will use short-term GO bonds for cash flow purposes. Property taxes are generally distributed to the taxing authorities twice a year.

13.101121A & 14. 101121B - 2nd reading - This is confirming the sewer rates for Fishers purchasing sewer utility and fee increases for various departments.

The sewer rates will stay the same as you pay today. The second are fee increases which have not been updated in over five years and will be used to pay for various city services.

15. 111521B - 1st, 2nd, and 3rd reading - This is to refinance debt at a lower cost.

16. 111521A - 1st reading - An additional five-year short-term debt for Fishers' fleet vehicles. Fleet vehicles such as police cars, fire trucks, and maintenance equipment.

17. R111521D - A resolution concerning the purchase of Hamilton-Southeastern Utilities.

18. 11521E 1st reading - a fee is reviewed every five years. By law, a developer will pay for new development for the purpose of assuring the public the development is proper for the area.

19. 101121D - Final Reading - to approve rezoning a property that will allow a large mix-use apartment complex on the SW corner of 106th and Lantern Road. This is across the street from Lantern Road Elementary. Approval at this meeting will transform this area into something similar to the Market at Fishers (The Yard).

This development is within district SW. I took several hours and knock on households less than one mile from the proposed site.

I was able to speak face to face with 44 people in the immediate area west of I-69. The answers to the question was as follows:

1) I want this area to be developed as currently zoned for HQ's, businesses, and perhaps appropriate retail. No

2) I want this developed into the proposed mix-use apartment retail. Yes

3) I don't care. No Opinion

My conclusions - The development is not appropriate for this site, and best for Fishers not to change the zoning. The Planning commission voted 4 Yes and 4 No. Please see my separate blog.

20. 101121 - Final Reading - is a way to allow the homes backing up to the trail more privacy latitude versus current zoning.

21. 101121H - Final Reading - This is a step to protect I-69 from being littered with huge billboards and a few other building signs.

22. 101121E - 1st Reading - a developer wants to build a large 292 family apartment on the SE Corner of E136th and Cyntheanne road. The development is not located in my district but is important to those in the area. If you have any questions to ask the developer, please send me an email with your concerns.

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