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  • David Giffel

Allisonville & 116th Street Roundabout

The city held an informational meeting for the new roundabout at 116th and Allisonville Road. The design is not final.

Funded: Federal Dollars - $2.5 million; Fishers is required to match 10%. Timing: Start Construction in Spring 2024 with a completion date of Fall 2024.

A study from 2015 to 2017 - 4 fatal/incapacitating

- 6 non-incapacitating

- 72 property damage only Roundabout Safety and Benefits

- Reduce injury or fatality by 65%

- 12% reduction in total accidents

- Provides traffic calming

- Reduced conflict points (Video; long but informative)

- Improves operation performance

Traffic Conflict Points

Current Traffic Counts A&F is a premier traffic consultant in Indiana who conducted a study that shows Allisonville & 96th Street, traffic counts.

I found this interesting about the high cost of moving utilities. Below is a utility pole that would cost Fishers over a million dollars to move. Fishers is using the property on the southeast corner to work around this considerable expense.

It takes a long time to Fund, design, and construct a project like this roundabout, and I'm confident the citizens in this area will like it. I will be happy to answer any questions about the project and provide updates when available.

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