Year to Date 2020 Financial Review

I hope everyone is well and safe during this pandemic. The following is Delaware Township's 2020 Year to Date (YTD) Financials presented to the board by our Trustee Debbie Driskell.

Hamilton Township Delaware Township YTD June 2020

The Township is in a strong cash position. Corona Virus Pandemic Concerns At our last public meeting, we discussed revenues and spending. The only tax revenues harmed in the pandemic is the fee we collect to rent our Community Center cause by restrictions in place to social distance.

Township Assistance is the one variable most concerning for the second half of 2020. When comparing year-over-year, the township assistance has almost doubled, as seen in the chart below.

Hamilton County Delaware Township YTD June 2020

Our Trustee reports > 90% of all those seeking assistance are renters. The 2018 Census 5-Year Occupied Housing says approximately 36.2% or 5,424 units in Delaware Township are renters. Township residents who might qualify for Township Assistance are people in dire need for basic life needs such as food, housing, healthcare, and utilities. Our caseworkers will guide any Township resident to any State or Charity program that can assist anyone who does not qualify for Township Assistance. Governor Holcomb placed a moratorium on evictions, foreclosures and utility disconnection that expired on August 15th. There is a State program providing $40 million in assistance. It is unknown today how many Delaware Township residents delayed paying rents or utilities potentially dating back to April. I believe the Township is currently in a strong position to handle requests.

Potential Households Delaware pandemic

The figures are from monthly reports and board meetings provided by our Trustee, Debbie Driskell. The figures are believed to be true but not finalize until January 2021 and subject to possible change.

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