2018 in Review

I wanted to share Delaware Townships Financials for 2018. The Township was audited December 2018 by the State Board of Accountants for January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2017. The opinion was the report was present fairly. All financial reports can be found on the State Site under DLGF.

FUND BALANCES The Township has certain funds that carry a balance from year to year. The Following shows the balance of each fund at the end of 2018.

2018 Hamilton County Delaware Township Fund Balance

Delaware Fund Balances Years

2018 TAXES PAID The reports generated are cash reports but can be broken down to determine taxes collected.

2018 Taxes Paid Delaware Township

HISTORY of TAXES PAID This Chart shows the historical of taxes collected for Township use. In 2016 the State released more local income taxes to all the units in Hamilton County.

Delaware Township Historical Taxes Paid

SPENDING The township's largest expense is the cost of wages and benefits. Fire and EMS services are contracted to the City of Fishers. The Bond Payment is for the Community Center.

Delaware Township Spending


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