My First Board Meeting

The Delaware Township Board met on Tuesday, January 8, 2019, as required by the State law. Trustee Debbie Driskell, myself and my colleagues Ed Pierce and Marilyn Schenkel attended the public meeting. No citizens attended this meeting.

Township Meetings

The purpose of the meeting was to elect officers and approve a small transfer of funds. We elected Marilyn as President, and me as Secretary. As Secretary, I will make a record of proceedings. The Township will post on its website the minutes of all meeting.

Secretary of a Township role

That following Saturday, I attended the Indiana Township association training seminar for newly elected Trustee and Board members. Our Trustee Debbie is an executive for the association and conducted the training along with a couple of guest speakers. The training was most informative as I love to discuss government finance. Debbie and her guest were most impressive, and I thank her for inviting me. Our Next meeting is set for Tuesday, January 29, 2019, as required by law. We meet to organize as a board of finance. If anyone wishes to call and discuss any aspect of Township, please feel free to call me at (317) 842-8459.

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