Board Meeting

I'm excited about serving our community and looking forward to my new journey. I welcome anyone who wants to talk about the Township to call me or send me a note. The Hamilton County Delaware Board held its meeting December 4, 2018. My goals and plans are to learn as much the Township processes, finances, and services. It is my personal believe we should always seek to get the most out of every tax we impose on citizens.

I want to begin by thanking Rick Fain for his service to the Township. Trustee Debbie Driskell acknowledged all Rick's work and wished him well. Rick serves on the Fishers Plan Commission, so It's my hope Rick will continue his work to keep us an outstanding community. Board Meeting On the Agenda was an additional appropriation, a Salary Resolution for 2019 and the Fire Rate Determination.

Additional Appropriation The Township has several funds that have strict rules set by law. The Trustee must follow the approved budget, and should things not go according to plan; the board must approve a transfer of funds to pay for that expense. Each fund has a cash reserve set for these unexpected events. So, the Township transfers money from one bucket to another. It's a checks and balances task. The Township buildings did not pass a Fire inspection with sprinkler repairs, and a couple of air conditioners broke. The cost was not exactly $20,000, but It's reasonable to have a little buffer for Debbie Driskell to respond perhaps another need. 2019 Salary Resolution I'm looking forward to getting to know all the Township employees. As time goes by, I will better understand what we do and completely understand each role. The township employs six people, the trustee, and three board members. The total for 2019 will be $332,628. The total compensation is a cost of living increase along with a small merit increase. Debbie Driskell did some due diligence in Hamilton County and found comparable employees at a higher compensation. The Township has seen an increase in the number of neighbors in need and every employee performed with excellence. Fire Rate Fishers Fire Department serves the Township unincorporated homes and business. The Township collects property taxes and then pays Fishers to perform the service. Although we don't know what the 2019 contract amount will be, Debbie's long-time experience determined no tax rate increase will be necessary to cover Fire expenses. Open House The Township has an Open house holiday event in our Community Center, 9094 E. 131st Street. Treats, fun, and Santa. No RSVP is necessary. Next up? - Sworn in Thursday December 20, 2018 - ITA New Township Officials Training Saturday January 12, 2018 - The next board meeting is in early January.

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