Looking Forward to Serving our Community


I would like to thank all the people who took the time to vote for me in the Hamilton County Delaware Township election. A special thanks my wife Toni, family and friend who supported me in this journey. To my opponents whose time is not today, I respect you greatly for the courage to want to also serve. It is my goal to deliver value for money we demand from those who pay taxes. Along the way, I've met some great people and it's been interesting. Most people had no clue the purpose of a Township and it was extremely rare to find anyone who did know. About 1 out of 25+. Most people I met took the time to learn, listen and some presented pretty neat ideas to me. We really do have some good people in our community. To the one person I offend by merely asking a question.

Q: Do the purpose of a Township? A: No, are you calling me stupid? OK - lesson Learned! I changed by then starting off with just telling people what the role of a Township does. Hah! For the handful of people who saw my Purdue jacket during my electioneering and knew that was enough for them to vote for me, I thank you too. For anyone who didn't want me knocking on your door - I get it. I apologize in advance for any future offenses. I'm sure more are coming, Heck, my having mostly Republican values offends some folks! But to all, I do promise to try my best. I will always listen, be open to creative ideas, and willing to change. The next four years should be fun and I do plan to blog about our Township. I'd like to take this opportunity to encourage more of you to get involved. Please think about giving your time, treasure and talent in some small way and in your own free will.


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