Honoring the Memory of those Buried

Cumberland Road between 96th and 116th

A role of Township Government is the preservation of cemeteries and gravestones. We often drive by one hardly noticing. A friend wrote me yesterday saying one was "kinda a waste of taxpayers money" - in the context, it was far away from the main population of his Township. I don't agree with that. I have much to learn because so many Township task seem to overlap with the city and county, perhaps like one deeded to Hamilton County. (Picture to the right) A pioneer cemetery provides not only a resting place for loved ones, but also enhance the beauty of the neighborhood. History buffs value gravestones and headstones can be viewed from an artistic viewpoint.

Delaware Township does a pretty good job maintaining our pioneer cemeteries.

Heady Cemetery

I've found we have many people in our community who want give back. It is possible to encourage, create, and find some good people to do most of the upkeep. It cannot be a for profit organization.

IC 23-14-68 Care of Cemetery by Township

  • Cemeteries without funds for maintenance

  • In Existence before February 28, 1939

  • Not managed by any viable organizations Defines

Artistic Value

What the Township Trustee must do

  • Reset and straighten all monuments

  • Level and seed the ground

  • Construct fences

  • Destroy detrimental plant, noxious weed, and rank vegetation Note: Nobody should try any restoration without going through the proper channels. There are best practices and standards to meet to assure that you are preserving the site in a way that will not eventually lead to damage.

A beautiful Pioneer headstone off Cumberland.

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