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Spending To improve, we must look at the numbers. Fall Creek Township is also a big part of Fishers. I consider Fall Creek a fair comparison to Delaware. Anyone can take the numbers and examine them in and put them in a format an average person can review. Why does Delaware pay more in property taxes verses Fall Creek? Let's also compare other other Townships in Hamilton County.

Our state provides access to examine all expenses for taxing authorizes. If you want to dig deep int the matter. Indiana Gateway Side Note: Frankly, I have no clue what is going on in Carmel with the way Clay moves funds in and out. I believe Delaware can be different and improve.

  • Review overall administration value and efficiency

  • Be a Catalyst for more Volunteerism. I believe YOU are best suited to decide where your money is spent on charity, not a government. We are blessed to live in a community most generous citizens who want to give back.

Yes, Leadership toward a goal of "Let's Cut Taxes"

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