What does Delaware Township Do?

  • A last course of action to assistance any neighbor living in our district in need of the basic necessities of life.

  • We own a building on East 131st street that holds events and meetings.

  • Maintain three ancient cemeteries.

  • We collect taxes from all unincorporated township properties and pay the Fishers Fire Department for the protection. If you live in the Fishers city boundary, we don't collect this tax.

TOWNSHIP BOARD- The township board acts as the legislative body of the civil township, and their duties include:

  • Advising with the township trustee concerning matters pertaining to civil townships

  • Approving the estimate of expenditures submitted by the Trustee, including the setting of salaries and wages for all township elected officials and employees

  • Approving the proposed levy of taxes

  • Approving the annual report submitted by the Trustee

  • Approving additional appropriations as need or emergency arise

  • Approving the borrowing of money by the civil township

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