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Some in Fishers want to reverse the amazing progress we've made in recent years and turn Fishers into Indianapolis. By voting David Giffel for Fishers City Council, you can rest assured that I will defend our city from the violence, homelessness, and unrest that plagues Indianapolis. 

Keeping Fishers SAFE 

Fishers is on the right track with safe neighborhoods, great amenities, and a thriving community. To keep Fishers safe, I support our police and fire, and advocate for safe roads. 

Maintaining STRONG Fishers Neighborhoods 

I pledge to act as a positive liaison with our Mayor, solicit community feedback, and keep our city one of the best places to live in Indiana while working to lower property taxes. 

Making SMART Development Decisions 

I will continue to run frequent constituent polls and involve district residents on big decisions. I pledge to act as a true and authentic representative of my constituency and help create job opportunities. 
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