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I moved to Indiana in 1989, and I've lived in Fishers since 1997. Fishers has always been a quality community in many ways. We are very fortunate to live with other like-minded hard-working people who have good values. I have a strong value for taking personal responsibility for yourself and your family. 

I have worked in the plastics manufacturing business since graduating with a B.S. in Business at Louisiana State University. I have a beautiful wife, Toni, and have been married for over 35 years. We've raised two great Hoosier kids here in Fishers and are blessed with two beautiful grandchildren.  


As a City Councilor, I am an active member of the community who takes pride in the wonderful residential environment we've all worked hard to build together. My focus is on Fishers residents, not outside special interests. By running frequent constituent polls and involving my district's residents in big decisions. I plan to act in the spirit of a true representative of the people. 


Fishers is on the right track. Safe neighborhoods, great amenities, and a thriving community are just a few of the amazing aspects of Fishers that makes it a great place to live. 


Some in Fishers want to reverse the amazing progress we've made and turn Fishers into Indianapolis. By voting Giffel for Fishers City Council, you can resst assured that I will defend out city from the violence, homelessness, and unrest that plagues Indianapolis. 

I am always willing to listen. 

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